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meganmullallys's Journal

To the Wonderfully Beautiful Megan!
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This community is dedicated to the wonderful Megan Mullally, and yes that rhymes with sally (that's what her dad always told her). This is yet another place to share about this wounderful woman, try to keep on topic and show some respect for this fantastic actress. here are SOME rules, not too strict id like to think:

1. Don't comment IF your gonna be mean, thats just not right, its disrespect to the whole community and of course the wonderful Megan!

2. I dont know if this counts as a rule but..JOIN! it will and well, SHOULD get bigger and have more people to share and talk about Megan here, you can check out two other communities that i have: seanhayesplace, and seannmeganfe.

3. Have fun! and comment i know you guys hate it when people dont do it, i know i do!, oh! and dont forget to share upcomming events that include Megan, some of us and well id like to think all of us would HATE to miss it!yea!